We came across a client who wanted us to build Inventory management software for his company. He was very clear about the things he needed this particular software to do. He wanted the software to equip a feature that will let employees access the centralized inventory to make changes to it when required and manage it appropriately. The software must also be able to deal with inventories that are present in multiple locations.

The maintenance of numerous lists should take place with equal seamlessness. The software built by us should equally benefit the retailer and the buyer. The app should cleanly organize the inventory so that it is easily accessible to the buyers. The software must be able to arrange all the orders in a central inventory system. The software should import transaction details of transactions from websites like eBay and create Magento orders.

Challenges We Faced All Through The Process

While developing this multi-purpose software for managing the inventory system of our client's company, we came across many challenges. Some of them are as follows. The first thing that comes to mind from the word inventory is enormous amounts of data. The software the client asked us to build should be able to handle millions of users.

It should also be able to synchronize their data smoothly and manage them in an automated fashion. It should improvise the system that controls the considerable number of orders that the company receives regularly. Lastly, the biggest challenge we would face is keeping all data transferred regularly, as secure as possible. Any leaks should not characterize the process of data transfer itself.

The main layers of the software which felt challenging included the layer which consisted of the database, which further included tables, MYSQL server database, stored procedures. The layer which allowed access to data consisting of libraries. Developing the business logic layers was a challenge as well, as it contained the business logic procedures. Lastly came the UI layer, which consisted of data about the graphical user interface of the application.

Technologies And Manpower Which We Put To Use

To develop a heavy software like, which will have so many features, we needed to put popular and modern technologies to use. In the Operating system and server management department, we used technologies like SSL implementation for advanced security, a scheduler for maintaining backups, integration of the alert monitoring system, Server performance and tuning, and lastly, maintenance and configuration of the software firewall.

The tools and environments we use included PHP5+, Magneto, JavaScript, HTML5, AJAX, and CSS3. Technologies we used to set up and maintain a database included DB Clustering, DB optimization, Query Optimization, Master-Slave Replication, and MYSQL Database Server. The team we planned to create for the project of inventory management software included two developers, one project leader, one designer, and one quality tester. These employees were assigned to work exclusively on a specific project.

Development Results We Achieved

With the help of our software, we could assist our client manage the entire array of inventory management functions. Viewing options that our designers created were customizable, which provided our client with options. We focused dedicatedly on the pre-development research, which resulted in the creation of robust software. We included SEO activities, which in turn drastically improved traffic and visibility. During the development, we followed all the necessary guidelines. With the help of our collective effort, we developed the application within six months.

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