Online shopping is the convenient mode when it comes to choosing from a wide range of products. Products are just one click away, when consumers are making a purchase from any online shopping sites, and from their choices of location like their home, cafes, or even while traveling.

Online shopping gives a better edge than physically going to shops because customers can check out several varieties, and even filter the exact items they are looking for. We had the opportunity to develop a similar E-commerce website for a jewellery store.The client approached us to design their jewellery store websites with a minimalistic but powerful design. We needed to create a website to show all features of a particular product on the same page.

The element of comparing prices and the option to check out the best-buy offers should be put on the homepage itself by us. The display of offers would help attract more buyers. Also, we needed to integrate APIs in several payment options to provide customers with ease of transaction and purchase.

Problems We Had Encountered During The Development

Designing an E-commerce website for a jewellery shop involves expertise and skills. The thumb rule of website development does not need to work for an online jewellery store. Our team of developers understood the acceptable degrees of elements required for a jewellery website.

Therefore, we selected and suggested ways of designing the website based on the requisites of our clients. We began working on developing the website in a way so it turns out to be robust, scalable and user-friendly. We regularly collaborated with the client to know of any programming requirements.

Some Of The Most Effective Solutions That We Incorporated

  • Easy Navigation and User-friendly Interface:

Any website's user experience is what drives customer satisfaction. So, we built the website keeping ease-of-use in mind. We created a user-friendly interface and accessible navigation features to enrich the customer experience. Also, we made sure that our clients, as administrators, find no difficulty in managing the website.

  • Solutions Pertaining to Search Engine Optimization

Another primary focus was to drive more traffic to the website, which was possible because of SEO solutions. With these solutions incorporated, the client's website reached the initial pages of any search engine.

Our teams also understand the importance of internet marketing to make a business thrive, so this solution gave the website the highest Return on Investment for their business.

  • 3D Try-On Option:

A significant bonus while online shopping is to try on the product and get an even clearer idea before making the final purchase. With the 3D try-on option, we made the website even more customer-centric, giving our client's website a better position than their competitor.

  • Payment Gateway API:

We incorporated the latest payment gateways for ease of purchase and real-time online transactions. Customers could make instant purchases with several payment options like internet banking, credit cards, and much more.

The presence of options also helped our clients gather more customers online. Our team of developers made sure that the payment gateways are safe and secure, which gathered customer trust.

An Insight Into The Final Outcomes

After the online jewellery store launch, the client noticed a significant hike in revenue and new customers. There was also an increase in the average order per day, which caused a walk in the middle order value. Our client's confidence eventually boosted, and they also began planning for their future business endeavours.

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