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Case Study - Online Auction House For Used Appliances

The Visions And Business Goals Of Our Clients 

The beneficiary of this product is an E-commerce aspirant, who has already etched a mark with his business operations spread across a number of countries in the world! This esteemed client of Wordsys Tech owns an auction house for the used appliances, too. In a bid to establish a strong online presence for his auction house, he connected with us and delegated us the responsibility of building a website. 

A Detailed Product Description

A well-structured website, which flaunts an aesthetically-pleasing layout, coupled with robust development core, edgy features and user-friendly functionalities.  Understanding our client’s business inside out, our web designers and developers have collaboratively built a user-engaging website, which will play an instrumental role in selling, making deals and auctioning online. 

Shortcomings We Faced During The Process 

We invested surplus amount of time in thoroughly analysing our clients’ requisites and building a project plan subsequently. However, the development project was not devoid of the following challenges – 

  • The first challenge was to create a stable and fully secure website 
  • Another challenge was to keep the interface simple to ensure an improved navigation and a better user experience 

The Solutions We Provided

To fulfil the client’s requisites keeping the above-mentioned challenges at bay, our website designers and developers dug out the following solutions – 

  • We assembled a dedicated team of project developers and full-cycle product developers from scratch 
  • We had developed an application. Backed by this app, we successfully hosted a mobile-compatible website for an E-commerce design 
  • The app built by us was equipped with a number of edgy in-built features. Owing to these features, the app gained the ability of listing different products categorically, sharing feedback via comments, referring friend options, and more! Besides, this app was equipped with buttons for social media sharing, listing multiple cities, etc. 
  • This app enabled users to purchase products; vouch for lucrative deals from sellers, taking part in the online auction for used appliances, etc. 
  • The clients had its operations spread across a number of countries. This is why; the E-commerce website made by us had the ability to support different currencies, languages, etc. 
  • A fully safe and secure payment gateway option was built by us to streamline the online auction of the used appliances

The Final Outcome 

We are delighted to announce that the website to promote our client’s online auction house was developed to the last details, with utmost perfection! Just like any other project, we wrapped the development within the mentioned time frame. 

Some of the major USPs, owing to which, our final product earned brownie points are included below – 

  • Unique and engaging layout 
  • Simple user interface 
  • Hassle-free navigation system 
  • Strong development core 

And, more....!

Backed by this website, our client witnesses an incredible hike in his user engagement, traffic, and overall turnover! 

Want To Collaborate With Us?

In the fast-paced world today, hiring a team of proficient website designers and developers can scale your business with benefits galore. With more and more users increasingly relying on the Internet these days, it’s become crucial for the growth of every business. Using the cutting-edge technologies, our team of website designers and developers can provide you with user-engaging and dynamic websites, thereby giving your business the right promotional fodder and a competitive edge! 

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