With innovative and futuristic visions, telemedicine has successfully transcended the boundaries of healthcare, this lending a new perspective to the wellness service providers and customers. Keeping a tab on this, our esteemed client, Mr. Eugene Torrence was looking to create an edgy and inclusive e-platform to provide 24X7 virtual care for Nutrition, Mental Health, Physiotherapy, and everything in between.

To be more precise, this USA-based client wanted to create a virtual care platform, through which the users can connect to the world’s best healthcare professionals and wellness experts – anytime, anywhere! To be more specific, this online appointment booking site aims to enhance users’ experience with medical and healthcare need fulfilment without any hassle!


The Challenges We Faced

Mr. Eugene Torrence, the founder of StretchMeDoc, contacted Wordsys to build a robust virtual platform to bring ease in booking online appointments with the world’s renowned doctors, wellness experts and healthcare professionals, mainly involved Nutrition, Psychiatry, and Physiotherapy.

Being at the forefront of many of the world’s top companies’ development projects, we took up the mantle and commenced our research work. From the very beginning, our aim was to create a feature-rich appointment booking system for StretchMeDoc as we believe that the cutting-edge features can play a nuclear role in offering a seamless browsing experience for users.

To get to know more about our client’s goals, visions, and objectives, we arranged a detailed discussion with Mr. Eugene. As we dug deeper, we understood that the virtual platform would serve mainly three types of user admins, which include the followings –

  1. Super Admin
  2. Patients
  3. Professionals

Our first and foremost challenge was to build a virtual system that helps bridge the gaps between healthcare professionals and patients across the globe. All the three admins i.e. super admin, patients and professionals were supposed to share the basic and standard usability access rights. However, some personalized settings were required for certain admin accessibility. Our developers were instructed to customize everything accordingly.

The other challenge we had was to take care of different aspects such as registration, login, account management, profile management, appointment booking, consultation management, wallet management, customer support, etc. Each of these aspects required critical customization to meet our client’s needs.

Our final challenge was to deliver user satisfaction. Mr. Eugene intended to transform the users’ lives through telemedicine as the demand for virtual appointment booking services has surged recently. The addition of robust features to the virtual booking appointment of StretchMeDoc became the need-of-the-hour to offer an experience that is personalized and seamless.


The Solutions We Implemented

List of Features: Patient Module

  • Registration

The users of StretchMeDoc are required to fill out the sign-up form first and they must provide 100% accurate details for the requested information. Upon completion of this process, the details of the users would be stored in their database.

A user’s account will be activated as or when the admin verifies it. Users are required to login to the system to book online appointments with healthcare experts. Users can change their password with OTP verification.

  • Login

Users are required to login to the system to initiate appointment procedure. Users can change their password with OTP verification, in case they forget their password or due to any other need.

  • Profile Management

We wholeheartedly credit our team of developers to making profile management a cake for the users. However, it’s only the users that can view their profiles. As or when needed, they can update their profiles by adding images, changing address, updating social URLs, and more.

  • Appointment Booking

There are multiple sets of AI-generated queries, upon answering which, the users can identify their symptoms and health hazards. Based on the inputs, AI will thoroughly analyze the medical conditions of the patients, and predict the best-suitable healthcare experts’ lists for consultation.

As far as the AI-predicted doctors’ profiles are concerned, users can check the suggested health experts’ profile details i.e. specialization, qualification, reviews, ratings, fees, etc. before booking a consultation.

In case, any user is not complacent with the AI-suggested healthcare experts, he/she can run a search for suitable professionals/doctors from categories, locations, specializations, and the likes.

Users can make a purchase of service packages through an online payment gateway using their credit or debit cards. Upon buying any package, they will get a confirmation message on their mail ID. Users can view and buy from all the detailed products listings that are managed from the admin panel.

  • Consultation Management

As per their chosen service package, users can take consultation from their selected doctors. They can directly interact with the doctors via text messages in the marketplace. However, the users will be prevented from sharing their contact details with the help of an AI model.

The history of their video consultations will be available over here. Using AI modules, we will convert their spoken words to text transcription.

  • Support

Users might goof up or make minor glitches while booking appointments or buying products. In this situation, they can interact with the admin executives through text messages and avail necessary support or guidance.


List of Features: Doctor Module

  • Registration

Professionals will fill in the signup form. Upon completion of the form, every detail will be stored in the database. After verification from admin’s end, this user account will be activated.

  • Login

Users will login to the system to start the process. In case any user forgets their password, they can change their passwords with OTP verification.

  • Profile Management

Only the users can view their profiles. They can update their profiles by updating their profile pictures, location, address, skills, experiences, professional types, social URLs, and the likes.

  • Appointment Management

Users can check all the lists of appointments scheduled for them. The doctors or health professionals, who have been already appointed, will receive a notification of the assigned job or slots.

Doctors can connect to their patients virtually through video call, chat, etc. For the video calls, an AI model will be implemented to recognize the face of the users in concern (the appointed healthcare experts). Another AI model will be used to prevent the users from sharing their contact details including contact number, email ID, etc.

All the assigned meetings or appointments will be displayed on a user’s synced task calendar like Microsoft Calendar, Google Calendar, etc.

  • Account Management

Patients provide reviews and ratings, which will be displayed on users’ accounts. Doctors can manage their schedules such as availability, etc. on a weekly basis in booking calendar. Appointments slot will be assigned as per the doctors’ professional availability.

Stack of Technologies

To build the advanced virtual marketplace for StreatchMeDoc, our team has used a stellar stack of technologies including WordPress, JS, MySQL, and jQuery.


Our Success Saga

The outcome of our sheer hard work is a feature-rich, user-engaging, and easy-to-use online appointment booking website. Among all the significant contributors, which ensured the success of the StretchMeDoc project include the followings –

  • Plugin & API’s

To cultivate success in this project, we implemented the best of AI plugins and APIs.

  • Testing

We emphasise end-to-end pre-production testing to ensure optimum usability before a product is launched commercially. This enables us to track bugs and other errors which we might have overlooked during development. Even after the completion and delivery of a project, we extend our full support and assistance to our clients until they are complacent with the final product.

  • Quality

Quality is at the fore of everything we provide! We moulded each and every component around every project to make up to our unwavering commitment to quality.

  • Warranty

We provide a 30-days warranty from the date of completion of the project. During the warranty period, we would take up all the necessary steps to rectify defect, disruption, malfunction, or operation failure. Even after the expiration of the warranty, we remain open to questions and concerns if a client requires further assistance.

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