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A client came across Wordsys with the idea of creating an online education and learning platform. He was formerly the owner of a teaching institute and wanted us to develop a platform to reach even more students and educate them. Especially during COVID, when everybody is at home, an online education platform would have made it convenient for him to reach even his existing students digitally.

He had a fixed set of requirements that he wanted to implement into the platform. As we began planning for the platform's development, we came across a list of challenges that we would face while developing the exact and discovered specific solutions that will help us overcome them.

Challenges We Came Across

Following are some of the most prominent challenges that affect the developers of online education platforms and also grabbed our attention –

  • Motivation

Whether it be children or teenagers, both have had the experience of studying in educational organizations. Initially, students were used to studying in schools and colleges, so just the fact that they had to read and learn something inside a closed room was a drastically different experience for all of them.

We did understand that motivating the children to change the way they study organically was a considerable challenge. We knew that human beings' nature made them study within a community, where several people are learning together. The concept of online education had been receiving traction for years because of the same reason.

  • Time

Based on our research, we also came across the issue that time consumption was an issue. According to a popular survey, around 61 percent of the employees had to take up the role of both developers and designers, which craved more time and effort investment on their parts. Moreover, over 75 percent of the material that the employees received came in raw format from the subject matter experts' research.

Lastly, it took around 70 hours to create educational content for 1 hour of a simple web course because of the above situation. We needed to pay attention to numerous things to develop an online education course successfully. Steps include storyboarding, research, creation of content, production, and finally testing. Time issues might occur both due to lack of understanding with the SMEs and lack of knowledge about the technology involved.

Solutions We Came Up With

As far as the motivation issue goes, we decided that designing the platform in a particular manner will encourage them to study using the forum and keep them excited and interested. We planned to incorporate a reward-based system within the platform, which will keep the users competitive. We also thought about including a feedback system, which will further contribute to encouraging learners.

Our main idea was to give the learners a sense of control, in which they would be able to decide the speed with which they could progress in a course. As far as the time issue is concerned, we also came up with a few solutions that would help in reducing the impact of the challenges –

1. A meeting with the SMEs and stakeholders will give them an idea about the process
2. The communication among the development team should be as transparent as possible
3. We needed to develop a technology onboarding process

The End Result That We Reaped

Despite all the challenges, our team of dedicated developers, designers, and SMEs were able to work together in developing an online educational platform. In this platform, we incorporated all the necessary features that the client wanted us to. In addition, we could also successfully address the issues that learners could have faced.

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