As far as online services go, more and more people are striving to look for the most convenient option. A salon is a place that most people go to periodically for a variety of purposes.

One thing they often try to do is book a slot at their convenient time. All people are busy in their work and personal lives, and have to take time out to look after their hair and face. And, everyone it’s needless to say that convenience attracts ordinary people! Users nowadays prefer booking a salon appointment through a website or an app to visit the salon without any stress of losing an appointment.

A client visited us in the recent past and informed us that he needs to develop a salon booking app for his business. He was the owner of a salon and aimed to expand his business digitally.

He wanted even more people to have easy access to the services of his salon. He told us that the app should have all the features which would make the entire process easier for the users. Even though our team had skilled developers, proper research was needed to understand what people wanted in an ideal salon booking app.

A Peek Into The Challenges We Encountered

After proper market research, we understood that even a salon booking app comes with an extensive list of its challenges. Following is a list of the few most notable ones that we came across during development:

  • Customer Retention

Most of the apps could garner many people as an initial audience, but people won't continue to use a particular salon app if they were not impressed by the app's performance. Holding onto customers and earning their loyalty through an app was more complicated than it seemed.

  • Convincing Customers

The users had the habit of going to the salon and booking a spot for themselves. Even though an app could make things convenient for them, some people find it challenging to shift to the digital method of salon booking instantly. There were more things that we required to convince the customers about the benefits of our app.

Some Of The Most Sure-Fire Solutions

After we came across specific challenges, two of which we mentioned above, we analysed all of them. We came up with a list of solutions that would make people understand the advantages of a salon booking app.

Here are a few of those –

Informing each customer about available time slots could address the biggest challenge of retaining customers. The app needed to give customers the freedom to visit a salon and get a haircut.

They also needed to be informed about any offers that were going on. The app needed to have features that sent notifications to customers whenever there was an announcement.

Convincing customers to shift to an app needed drastic measures. A good impression takes time to build. Therefore, the app is required to impress the customers by managing schedules properly. A high-quality user experience will encourage certain users to recommend the app to people they know.

The Final Outcomes

The development of a salon booking app came with its own set of challenges, and we addressed all of them while developing the app. Security was also an essential criterion for us.

We made sure that all the information people added to their profile were secure. Finally, we built an efficient and robust application, which could help people instantly book salon appointments.

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