Today, yoga has become a practice that almost everybody follows as a part of their daily routine in such stressful times. According to their reports, yoga has helped them get rid of several health-related issues, in addition to providing them stress relief.

In the past, people used to meditate and perform yoga by themselves. Today in the digital world, a yoga application comes handy to all of them for kick-starting their day. A client visited us with the idea of developing an online yoga app for his centre. He already was running a yoga centre and wanted his business to reach even more customers worldwide.

While giving us a brief about the project, he told us in detail his aim and purpose. He wanted to get his clients rid of any stress, and through an app, he wanted them to choose a convenient time for practicing yoga. He felt that the presence of an app would considerably help every person who could not visit a yoga centre because of some problem.

Some Of The Challenges We Did Face

After understanding our client's requirements in detail and analysing them, we carefully concluded that specific challenges came with yoga app development. Following are the three major of those –

  • Beginners

Beginners often are not very motivated to continue doing yoga regularly as a part of their routine. To get their full and constant attention, we needed to develop the app in such a way so that it was fascinating enough to keep them excited.

  • Staying Online

An online app traditionally required a constant internet connection to run correctly. That created a problem for many users, as all the users did not have a stable enough internet connection. Internet speeds themselves varied from location to location. Internet was a substantial challenge that we needed to overcome.

  • Revenue Model

Most people already believed that any coaching or guidance cost much higher than their live counterparts. This belief could be a massive challenge in enrolling pupils, as they might feel that the services cost higher based on their requirements. This particular thought could discourage them from using the app.

A Few Solutions That We Came Up With –

After addressing and recognizing the challenges, we formulated specific solutions to the existing challenges. Some of these solutions are as follows –

  • First and foremost, to engage the beginners and keep them interested, we needed to incorporate exciting features within the app. Features that would help them track their progress every day. If users got to know about their progress, they would be keen on using the app.
  • The best solution we came up with to deal with internet problems in certain regions was offline. We decided to incorporate an offline mode within the application, which would help users access the app without an internet connection.
  • To convince the users that the app owners were not overcharging, the best solution was to incorporate different pricing models within the app. Each pricing model could include certain features. For instance, there could be three other models for beginner, intermediary and expert levels.

The Final Outcomes –

After a lot of hard work and dedication, our team of expert developers could make our client's dream come true. They took into consideration all the requirements that our client mention during the briefing. With proper market research, they could incorporate all the features that a high-quality yoga app should comprise.

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