A client contacted us who wanted us to develop an app for his restaurant business, which will make it easier for customers to make seat bookings. This app should also include more features that will further add to the experience of the customers. One crucial factor is to inform the customers about the existing discounts.

Our client wanted us to embed this feature into the application. He said that he wanted an app for his restaurant business. An increased number of customers can book tables simultaneously and even so that the app can adequately maintain their bookings. Our client was based in the US and wanted the application to focus on the local restaurants.

Some Of The Challenges We Have Encountered

As far as local restaurants go, they face a lot of trouble receiving proper bookings at proper timings. We needed to make sure that we develop an application that works seamlessly and considers all the information that a user enters into the app. Management of the table bookings is also a challenge for restaurants, so it was challenging for us to build an app, as all customers demand quick responses.

There also existed the issue that customers won't know about the latest and existing discounts, which our application will solve. We needed to make sure that our application can deal with all the issues that previously existed in the ticket booking spectrum for restaurants.

Some Of The Solutions We Incorporated

We employed the technologies in the process of mobile application development. We also gave customers the freedom to use the internet to make the booking through our web application. We wanted to give customers the option to book a seat from their preferable platform. We made sure that the application we created had relevant data from all the nearby existing restaurants. Data from other restaurants helped us in enhancing the application.

This feature also made it easier to understand when and if the app requires an update in the future. We planned to create a dashboard for our applications that is intuitive and easy to understand for all kinds of customers. Our client could also make use of the dashboard for managing all the booking requests. Through the application, we tried our best to streamline the entire workflow, and in the process, make it easier for customers to connect to the restaurants.

The Core Features Our App Included

Scalability: The app our client asked us to build must have had the ability to handle bookings from other restaurants as well. More and more restaurants were bound to get added to the list. We created an app that had an extensive data handling capability. We also made sure it could handle the massive number of requests simultaneously.

  • Instantaneous response

We made sure that the app we developed has a fast response time. A large number of customers may be booking the same seat at the same time. Our app should act instantaneously so that a customer doesn't have to wait to get his favorite chair at a restaurant.

  • Less Bug-Fixing Time

The application we developed made sure that it had lesser bugs. We built the application using a single codebase, which made it easier for developers to make changes to the application and remove bugs in the future.

The Ultimate Results

With our approach, we were successful in putting all our plans into place and developing an app, which could create wonders for restaurant seat booking. Our client was delighted with our work and promised to give us future projects.

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