Requirements Of The Clients

One of our esteemed clients came with the idea that he wants a taxi hiring app for his company. He informed us that he wishes to outsource the entire development project and mentioned a deadline. The most critical criteria he had was that the app should have a smooth user interface and work seamlessly on iOS and Android mobile platforms. He wanted this app to be different from traditional apps. He mentioned the following two criteria to make it stand out:

  • Cost-Effective Structure: The client was adamant that he wants his customers to get a pleasant and booking structure, which will not cost them exorbitant. He wanted the customers to be able to take a ride at a reasonable price.
  • Efficient Hiring Process: Hiring cabs through an app has become a tedious job nowadays, mainly due to the lack of availability of cabs. Our client wanted customers not to hassle at the time of emergency, so we enjoyed having a smooth interface.

Challenges We Faced Along The Process

While keeping in mind every requirement of the client and making sure that the customers have a comfortable experience, we came across many challenges. These challenges also included the ones that our developers faced. Some of such challenges are as follows:

  • The app's UI needed to be immensely user-friendly so that it can be easily understood and accessed by all kinds of customers. It should be as easy to use for a customer as for a driver.
  • We had to infuse the app with features that improved the efficiency of the cab service.
  • The app should also come with embedded features, which would let it calculate the fare automatically. It must also come with an excellent GPS architecture, so the locations recorded are as precise as possible.
  • Another vital feature involving GPS was, the app should be able to find a cab that is nearest to the customer.

The Solutions Wordsys Came Up With

We analyzed all the requirements and challenges very minutely and came up with an approach that would help us build an app that we planned to make.

  • We decided to make use of the JavaScript Object Notation Format (JSON). This format enables us to develop an application that will face no running smoothly on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • We decided to embed a feature in the app, which would record the requirements of the customers. These requirements would include the choice of the customer of booking either an AC or a non-AC cab, car size, seating, etc.
  • The app has the feature of displaying crucial information on the screen after the booking is complete. These features included ride beginning and ending points on the map, auto-calculated rates, and distance between the cab and the rider.
  • Lastly, we focused on making the cab booking experience a seamless one for the customers, so we incorporated various payment options in the app. These options included PayPal, credit/debit cards, online banking, and cash.

The Final Outcomes

After completion of the app development, there are specific ways in which our client benefitted from the taxi/cab booking app:

  • Our app provides one of the finest experiences of cab booking, which is why travel agencies, hospitality department members, and cab service operators can use it
  • Our app is immensely beneficial for all the customers who often need to book cabs at odd timings or travel to offbeat destinations
  • We make sure that the cab hiring app never displays a higher fare than it should be
  • Thanks to our app, drivers all around are more satisfied as they do not need to look for customers anymore; their business has grown

An App For Booking Cabs Makes The Process Dramatically Simpler

One of our esteemed clients was the owner of a taxi booking business. He wished to grow his business and make it easy for customers to book a cab and reach their destination quickly. An app simplifies the process of booking a taxi. We had to keep in mind certain critical factors, which included the payment methods. We made sure that the payment details were securely encrypted. We created a UI that ascertained the customers to get access to a cab as quickly as possible. Incorporating our solutions, we received an improved overall experience for both the riders and the drivers.

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