Travel is a significant part of people's lives because that is the only way to escape the humdrum and the monotonicity of their regular lives. In the competitive travel industry, it has become essential that travel agencies and tour operators shift their businesses online to keep up with the rapid transformation of the travel landscape.

A client approached us who wanted to make an impactful online presence within the tourism marketplace. He asked us to develop a user-friendly portal, is customizable and has an impressive interface for a seamless customer experience.The criteria mentioned also asked us to build a portal that is profitable and cost-effective. The solution also included multiple ways of booking a trip such as flight, hotel, car/bus- basically a one-stop solution for providing travel services.

Some Of The Challenges We Faced Along The Way

While developing the travel portal, our engineers had to keep in mind the essential elements of the travel portal development process. The goal was to create something that catches the user's attention, so we had to stress on creating an appealing interface, the page navigation needed to be seamless, and the most crucial part was to make it an SEO-friendly website.

We created a responsive web page so that customers can browse easily through the website on their mobile devices. We paid close attention to the fulfilment of API needs. A web portal for travel requires information from multiple API provides. So, we had to get confirmation from our client regarding the cost needed to get these APIs onboard.

The Solutions We Incorporated

We then took our next step forward and created a feature-rich portal that helped our client gain monetary returns on every click. The portal was customizable and met all booking-related needs and concerns without the intervention of a third-party booking agent.

We developed the portal with modules integrated within, with APIs that provided a flawless and secure website. We incorporated our client's request into the travel portal tools like Google Maps, Google Weather Widget, and many information sources that provided news on trending holiday locations and travel guides. We also included options for booking flight tickets, cars, and vacation packages to offer varied opportunities for all types of customers.

Some Of The Robust Features Of The Portal

Advanced Search Options: What we had after the rollout of the portal was an advanced search feature. Options helped when customers began searching for any destination, and the auto-suggestion appeared to help them find the perfect holiday destination they were looking for.

  • Responsive Built:

The portal we designed could easily integrate with mobile devices and yet remained pleasing to the eye of the customers. The design provided for easy navigation focused on the services offered by the business instead of focusing on the website. The easy understanding of the website helped customers in the booking process. We created a smooth built to ensure that the customers came back to our client's portal for future bookings.

  • GPS Integration:

We built the portal by also incorporating the Google Maps option. Maps helped a customer know about their accommodation options when they reach their destination. Maps also helped them learn about where they can get the kind of meals they like. The GPS integration also provided them with quick information on the nearby areas to visit.

  • Predictive Search Options:

The search engine generated accurate results when a customer entered the city name with this feature. They don't have to type the full name of the airport. This feature comes in handy in cases of limited availability of flights and during peak
reservation scenarios.

  • Payment Gateway:

This is the most critical API that we incorporated in the portal. A travel portal is useless without the option of payment. In our design, we kept the gateway pretty simple with only essential details to avoid confusion. We kept in mind that if a payment gateway asks for unnecessary information like postal code, phone no. etc., customers will immediately lose interest and not prefer the website for future bookings.

The Results We Reaped Finally

We integrated the most advanced features while developing the travel booking portal. Our design and implementation helped the client retain customer loyalty and increased their conversion rate. The portal curated robust features that streamlined all travel-related requirements and possibilities for a better customer experience.

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