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How Does Automatic Call Distribution Software Helps a Call Centre?

  • July 29th, 2022
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It's no secret that contact centre operators deal with many callers daily. Keeping their productivity and morale up in such situations is difficult, especially without specialised call centre technologies.

Your contact centre typically has long hold times, exhausted workers, and angry customers. You should consider implementing a contact centre solution with automatic call distribution software (ACD).

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems assist agents in staying on top of things and managing calls. Let's look at how automated call distribution works, how it improves call routing, what it offers, and who the best suppliers are.

Automated Call Distribution System: An Overview

An ACD system is a telecommunication device that routes inbound contact centre calls to specified agents or teams depending on the criteria defined by the operator. The call is sent to the next available agent when these requirements are fulfilled.

They are, however, frequently far more sophisticated, routing interactions based on client value, sentiment, or agent abilities. The ACD often connects with the IVR (interactive voice response), CRM (customer relationship management), and WFM (workforce management software) systems to unlock these capabilities and bring routing plans to life.

Furthermore, today's ACD technologies enable call centres to look beyond the voice channel. A multichannel ACD engine, or a Predictive dialersystem, may consolidate calls, emails, chats, and social media connections into a single location and route interactions according to business requirements.

How Does the Predictive Dialer Software Work?

Identifying the Caller

First, the ACD system determines all available information about the caller using Caller ID, Automatic Number Identification (ANI), or Dialled Number Identification Service (DNIS) to route the call accordingly. The system can gather extra caller information depending on IVR menu selection when used in conjunction with IVR.

Queuing the Calls

ACD next organizes the callers into waiting lists and decides the order of the queue based on parameters such as status, wait duration, and the kind of consumer enquiry. For example, VIP callers can be prioritized and placed at the front based on the queue arrangement.

Routing of Calls

The ACD system will route incoming calls based on the distribution rules that have been pre-set. Calls, for example, can be dispersed depending on the phone number's origin, agent availability, agent skill set and knowledge, time of day, queue statistics, or other predetermined conditions.

What is the Advantage of Using an ACD Software for Your Business?

Now that you know the ACD, let's look into its benefits:

Greater organizational efficiency: ACD systems boost agent performance and productivity. Each contact centre agent only handles client calls relevant to their experience, skill set, degree of training, etc.

Improved workplace administration: By allocating incoming calls fairly and evenly, an ACD system guarantees that each member of your customer service or sales team shares the same amount of work.

Enhanced customer experience: Intelligent call routing shortens wait times and links clients to the best-suited agents to fulfil their demands. This implies faster resolution, greater resolution rates, and, ultimately, higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Quicker respond: If you do not return a call from a customer, the consumer may lose interest in your firm, and you may lose a prospective purchase. Businesses that enhance their responsiveness have a higher chance of providing exemplary service to their callers and avoiding losing prospects.

Here’s the List of Software Development Company in India Providing ACDs


SparkTG's contact centre solution provides an exceptional experience for your callers. It also assists you with complete tracking of your company's inbound and outbound calls and all agent activities that help enhance and optimize their performance.


Wordsys is among the next-generation computer telephony integration companies providing ACDs that assist you in providing better communication systems with your customers. Wordsys creates systems providing comprehensive functionality, complex features, extensive reporting, and seamless interface software to enable sales and service teams to conduct efficient customer discussions.


Talkdesk is a cloud-based call centre service that assists organizations in increasing customer satisfaction while decreasing customer support expenses. It employs IVR, ACD, and skills-based routing, which directs callers to the best-suited agent to satisfy their requirements based on customizable data.

It's Time to Automate Your Calling Technology

ACDs are a vital resource for any organization that communicates with its clients over the phone, large or small. The best automatic call distribution software is ideal for teams that handle high call volumes, are geographically scattered, use diverse telephony systems, and have specialized agents.

Customers will benefit from a more consistent and smooth experience, while agents will gain from more effective call routing. ACDs will substantially improve a company's professional image, customer happiness, and productivity.

Last updated August 1st, 2022

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