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The Changing Digital Marketing Strategies Of 2020

  • May 31st, 2020
  • Marketing

Are you also tired of daily digital marketing changes? Don’t you feel one day you learn something, and the next day a new move comes up?

All the credits for these constant changes goes to “Our Beloved Technology!”

Without going into this never-ending debate on why does marketing strategies keep changing, its impact, technological advances, and so on, let us look at how digital marketing is changing this year.

Changing Digital Marketing Strategies To Focus On:

  • SEO to be replaced by voice search

Yes, my friend SEO, the vital digital marketing strategy which we had spent years in excelling, is going to be changed. Currently, people are so busy with technology so advanced that 50% of the people have started using voice search. Devices like Google Home and Alexa have taken over keyword-based research.


Speaking of voice search, SEO ranking doesn’t matter. The search engine directly pulls the data from your website. Google doesn’t need to play the keyword game much longer to display the direct results.

But, this is the best time for you to grab in the market as the majority of the blogs and articles on voice search goes unread. On the one hand, people aren’t still interested in reading about it, and here are you, on the other hand, already knowing that it is the latest skill to survive.

So, grab the seat and get ready for the ride!

  • More complex algorithm updates

Already was it less challenging to rank your site in Google, that Google is coming up with more complex and increasing numbers of algorithm updates?

Gone are the days when you could get your site rank with more content or increase the number of backlinks. If you are smart enough to fill your sites with duplicate contents or short works below 300 words, remember Google is smarter enough to change its algorithm.

The question is, what metrics does Google use then?

  1. The amount of time spent by the users on your website
  2. Are the users just bouncing to your site, increasing the bounce rate?
  3. The number of engagements on your page
  4. Do people find your site appealing enough to click from one content to another?
  • Blogging isn’t the only king

You may be thinking, what am I saying? Everywhere it is said content is the king, and I am here saying it isn’t the only king. Have I lost it? No, my friend, I am in my sense to say this.

You will be shocked to know that there are approximately 1.8 billion websites (around 1 website for every 7 people). Yes! Just Imagine!

There is no shortage of content over the web. Its obvious new materials will be more updated, so why would any search engine rank your old contents.

Yes, this the reason I said, “Content isn’t the only king!” You got to keep updating your old content to survive in this competing content world. No one would like to know what worked two years back; everyone wants the latest version.

Change Your Approach And Target Something New

It’s time to change! “New Approach and New Targets” – this is not only a vital change in digital marketing but also the solution to survive with these changing marketing strategies. This the reason instead of mentioning it as #4, I preferred as talking on it separately.

So what this new approach and target is?

As already said above, the voice search is going to be the modern-day search tool. Speaking of voice and video, which search engine comes to your mind?

Yes, you got it right! YouTube!

Why stick to only Google ranks when you know text content is dripping, and YouTube is the master of visualized content? The best part is till yet YouTube isn’t as competitive as Google though it is highly flourishing. Many people aren’t still ready to switch from text to visuals.

If you have got a year to give and go slow, then no doubt, the text-based method will get you rank on Google’s page one. But, if you are a fast-flying bird and want to reach your destination before anyone, search engines like YouTbe and iTunes is the best place to focus on!


Now when you know what the market demand is and the right approach to grab it before everyone skips on it, won’t you target other search engines and change your digital marketing approach? Do let me know in the comment section below which search engine you would focus on and why.

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