Rookout And App Dynamics Join Hands For Live-Code-Debugging

  • March 24th, 2020
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The debugging experts Rookout and APM service provider AppDynamics are entering into a partnership to assist all software developers to quickly detect and fix the bugs in their code. As per the companies, AppDynamics’ role will be to warn the developing team of any complication in their code and Rookout’s role will be to help them in solving those issues.

With this new partnership, AppDynamics’ customers will get the benefit of Rookout’s debugging expertise in the form of “Deep Code Insights”. It is a newly launched product of AppDynamics that integrates live-code-debugging services of Rookout with its APM platform.

With this facility of Rookout, the developers can get debugged data in seconds rather than spending hours on it. Thereby, they can save around 80% of their time and invest it on other prior issues. The Deep Code Insights is anticipated to increase developer efficiency by at least 25%.

While speaking on Deep Code Insights’ role in AppDynamics, Kevin Wagner, the Vice President of corporate development and strategy department of AppDynamics says: “Together [with Rookout], we are narrowing the gaps between indicating a code-related problem impacting performance, pinpointing the direct issue within the line of code, and deploying a solution quickly for a seamless customer experience”.

Whereas, Or Weis, the CEO and co-founder of Rookout calls this partnership obvious and goes ahead saying: “We want to bring the next-gen developer workflow to enterprise customers and help them increase product velocity”.

As per a Rookout team member, the option of leaping directly from AppDynamics issues to code debugging without retesting, redeploying or reapproving the code is a magical boon for the developers.

Last updated June 23rd, 2022

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