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A Quick Round-up of Some Highly Popular Chatbots

  • February 8th, 2023
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Since the day or moment, they came into being; the advanced chatbots are creating a huge ripple all across the globe. Thanks to the bots, our day-to-day rudimentary tasks are getting easier than ever! With every passing day, some new bots are coming to the fore. According to the top marketing chatbot development company, this progress is probably the tip of the iceberg or just a small wave in the colossal ocean of revolution.

In this article, we are spotlighting on some of the most innovative and one-of-the-kind chatbots that are taking the world by storm.

Have a look –


Out of all those serious medical conditions that could flip someone’s life upside down, Alzheimer’s deserves a special mention. Those struggling with Alzheimer’s disease suffer from short-term memory loss.

For such people, Endurance could be an excellent option. This bot is aimed at identifying deviations in interactional branches, which might refer to an issue with instant recollection – an ambitious challenge for any NLP-based system.


For millennials, one of the most common sleeping disorders is insomnia. It’s a very common disorder, which can make it hard for someone to fall asleep! For everyone dealing with Insomnia, an advanced bot like Casper could be a great fix.

Casper is known as Insomnobot 3000. This bot could be your trusted companion, to whom, you can bare your heart out to vent or blurt out every bit of negative thought, which are holding you back from falling asleep fast.


MedWhat should top your priority list if you are looking to make better medical diagnosis faster. Backed by a highly sophisticated ML system, MedWhat provides 100% accurate and genuine response to the queries of users.

MedWhat is extremely close to an advanced virtual assistant such as Google Now rather than any other usual conversational agent. Furthermore, it represents a highly exciting field of bot development, which pairs up intelligent NLP system with ML technologies for offering users an impressive and immersive experience!


The cinematic universe of Marvel is expanding a lot faster than every boundary of the noticeable universe itself so that you can enjoy your favourite comic characters or comic books to a great extent.

In case, you are someone who has WebMD bookmarked for any similar reason, it could be worth trying out MedWhat. Marvel is aimed at making a medical diagnosis easier, faster, and a lot more transparent. Both physicians and patients can install this app to make any medical diagnosis faster and better!

Roof AI

Roof AI could be instrumental in generating, as well as, assigning leads automatically. If you are associated with the field of marketing, you should garner potential leads to grow your venture. There is no dearth of leads across the Internet!

Butthe real drill is to spot the most potential leads– leads that can bring you business. Finding the right leads out of an ocean of seemingly profitable leads could be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack!

Without the right leads, you won’t be able to make progress, earn profit, and turn your sales around. Backed by Roof AI, you can automate the process of interaction with your potential leads.

Through this bot, you can easily identify the best leads via different social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more! Depending on the user inputs, Roof AI can prompt promising leads to offer a bit more information prior to assigning automatically the leads to your sales agents.

If you are looking to build a bot for your own business, you can hire a team of experts from a well-reputed artificial intelligence development company in your city.

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