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Factors That Determine the Costs of Android App Development

  • October 11th, 2022
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The global mobile industry is pumping billions of dollars into Android app development services, thanks to a whopping 2.5 billion Android users across the globe! Powering about 75% of smartphones and other handheld devices worldwide, Android has successfully cut through the noise is a highly used platform for developing mobile apps.

If you own a business and look forward to taking your organization to a towering height, it’s advisable that you should invest in building secure, tailored, functional, and robust mobile solutions. To ensure that you get the best bang for your buck – albeit by receiving futuristic, interactive, and user-friendly apps – you must bank upon a reputed Android App Development Company India.

It's given that you need to have a good budget to hire dedicated Android app developers. If you’re strapped for budget, you can outsource your project to a reputed and reliable hub, too. Wondering how much it costs to build an Android application? Make sure that you read the following excerpt to get accurate and updated details in this regard.

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The Approximate Costs of Android App Development

Even though many people tend to think that it’s always a less expensive option to build Android apps than iOS apps. But, it’s not always right! If you are looking to build premium-quality Android apps, you must opt for a truly reputable Android app development company.

According to the experts, it majorly depends on the features, functionalities, and complexities of an app and how much you need to shell out. If just a basic app is your need, you may need to spend $10,000 to $50,000. If a complex app mired with premium features tops your priority, you may need to spend $100,000 or even more.

To help you understand the cost better, we have listed out some approximate estimations of how much you might have to pay to build Android applications –

  • For a very basic app, you need to pay $15,000 to $25,000
  • For an app with robust features might cost you $50,000 to $80,000
  • For a very high-quality app, the development costs might exceed $100,000 or even more!

Always remember that it is just a rough estimation of the expenses you may have to shell out in developing an Android app.

Things That Come into Play to Determine an Android App’s Cost  

Before you go ahead and hire a team of skilled developers from a reputed mobile app development company, you should get acquainted with some factors that play a key role in deciding how much you may have to pay to build an app. Take a look –

1. What Type of App You Want

Intricacy and size matter the most in budgeting for the development of your Android app. Things like the purpose of your app, its features, its core functionalities, etc. will determine exactly how much you have to pay. As mentioned earlier, a simple app will cost you less, and a complex one would exceed your budget.

2. The Platform You Want to Choose

The developmental costs of your app would depend on the platform you would like to choose. In case you want to choose a multitude of platforms, you may need to pay for different processes like testing, designing, and more! It would add to your expenses.

Platforms are continuously changing. Hence, you must consider ongoing updates or maintenance in your overall budget. Your costs would differ based on the exact platforms you choose for developing an Android app.

3. The Look and Feel of Your App

Did you know, that the money you need to shell out to avail of mobile app development services would also depend on the design of your app? If you’re planning to build an aesthetically-appealing app, you should be able to make an investment in its User Interface.

The costs of integrating complex and interactive elements in your app’s UI might cost you a bomb! This cost would exceed the expenses required to build a comparatively simple and less complex User Interface that has just a couple of basic features or components. The user interface impacts the overall expense structure of the Android application, making it crucial to thoughtfully design it.

4. The Kind of Features You Need

The features or functionalities you want to integrate into your Android app are proportional to the estimated expenses required for the Android app development solution. If you are looking to add more features, you will have to spend more money and time.

A feature that is very critical and important to the overall success of your Android application but is utilized infrequently won’t be worth the developmental costs. A component used but not important might still be a good investment.

Time for a Quick Wrap

So, now as you are aware of all the factors that can cumulatively add to the overall expenses of Android app development, you can go ahead and bank on a trustworthy app development company in India, and get your desired Android application built.

Last updated October 11th, 2022

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