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How Much You Need to Invest to Build a Matrimony App

  • November 9th, 2022
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Over the past few years, the demand and popularity of matrimony mobile app development services have increased in leaps and bounds. In this day and age when dating apps and hook-up cultures are on the rise, the ease or fair chances of finding marriage-appropriate profiles has dwindled drastically.   

Thanks to the robust matrimony apps, this scenario has changed a lot. For those, gearing up to tie the knot, are now increasingly installing matrimony applications to find their suitable matches.  

When you’re building an app of this sort, you should always keep in your mind that you should provide your users with an impeccable experience. To do so, you should ensure that your app is loaded with easy-to-navigate UI, robust features, and edgy functionalities. If done properly – and if it exhibits user-friendly features like appearance, location, religion, etc. – the app will make you reap rewards in abundance! 

An Insight into the Market Stats and Growth  

According to India’s best app development companies, the revenue from an online matrimonial business is anticipated to maximize by the year 2023 compared to the overall revenues generated in the year 2017. According to the latest statistics, in 2023, the matrimonial market is poised to reach a whopping $0.26 billion, a discernible hike from $0.11 billion in the year 2017. 

In 2022, sites like has brought in about 3 billion Indian rupees, which is up from around 3.76 billion Rs. the year before. Hence, the best mobile app development hubs have started investing more on building advanced matrimony apps to cater to the increasing demands of the married-to-be millennials.  

The Approximate Matrimony Mobile App Development Cost 

Gearing up to hire an Android or an iOS app development company to build your dream matrimony app? Here’s a quick break down of some factors that will impact your app development costs – 

1. User Interface Design  

Always remember that every user deserves a chance to be delighted to use the app made by you. To ensure a wonderful user experience, you must pay attention on the look and feel of your app. The more aesthetically-appealing the design is, the more users you will attract. If you want to keep the cost minimal or bearable, keep its UI design less complicated.  

2. Features and Functionalities 

A matrimony app has to be loaded with advanced features and functionalities to garner more interests. To do so, you must stretch your budget out a little bit! If you’re strapped for a budget, you may jot down those absolutely necessary features, which you simply cannot skip for your app.  

Once you have decided the platform, hire a reputed iOS or Android app development experts, and discuss your budget issues with them. Ask them to chalk out a strategy which will save your cost without compromising on the quality part.  

3. Operating Platform 

Every matrimony app is built for a particular operating platform. The intended users also differ depending on the platform you choose to build your app on. For example, some users have Android devices and some iPhones.  

Based on what majority of your users are using, you should choose an operating platform for your matrimony app. The expenses of the development platform will differ from iOS to Android and cross-platform. 

4. Technology Stack  

Technologies are one of the essential assets to make an application successful, but on the other hand, they are a major cost additional factor during the mobile app development process.  

It’s obvious that you would like to build an outstanding app by leavening latest tools or technologies, but it will increase you cost to a great extent! Try to figure out those specific technologies, without which, your matrimony app would be incomplete. Ask the developers to work on only those specific technologies.  

5. Support and Maintenance  

The development cost of a matrimony app also depends on its support and maintenance. You must update and upgrade the app to ensure that it performs seamlessly. Hence, apart from making an investment in building an app, you must save a budget for its regular maintenance and support.  

At the time of updating the app, you won’t need to spend a big sum of money, but by ignoring this process you might lead your app to start facing some or other performance issues in the long run.  To fix those glitches, you may have to spend some huge bucks in the days to come!  

Time for a Wrap 

To make your dream app fructify, consider hiring a reputed app development company near you. Some of the most popular matrimony apps, which have taken our country by the storm include, Jeevansaathi, Community Matrimony,, and more! If you, too, want to get on this bandwagon and build a successful matrimony app, you should hire a mobile app developer without making any further ado.  

Last updated November 9th, 2022

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