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Things to Know about Google’s Newly Launched Rewards Program

  • November 8th, 2022
  • App Development

Let’s be honest, Google Play Store is simply second to none, in terms of its worldwide popularity! According to the best mobile app development company in India, there has been quite an exponential increase in the total number of millennials using play store for their day-to-day needs.

This generation, which is scrambled enthusiastically on to playstore bandwagon, is now keen to witness more upgrades day in and day out. And, to kind of appease this increasing demand, Google has recently declared that its international rewards program is going to be available in our country.

This advanced program, named as Google Play Points, is aimed atrewarding every user who uses play store billing to make an in-app purchase. This purchase could include movies, apps, eBooks, games, and more.

Now just like many others, you must be wondering what this new program all about. Well, to get to know more details about the same, you should keep on reading the following excerpt where we’ve tried our best to cover every crucial detail about Google Play Points.

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A Quick Sneak Peek into Google Play Points

Online game culture is on the rise. We know that after one point every trend becomes outdated. Take social media for an instance! Just a few years ago, social media was a rage all across the globe. But, today, the popularity of virtual network has shrunk to a great extent. Many users are now embracing social media hiatus to restore their sanity. But, online games are a bit exceptional!

Millions of people – mostly the Gen-z – are preoccupied with online games on different sorts. Playing games online or strolling though different gaming apps and their features invokes a lot of excitements. According to the best digital marketing agency in India, Googleintended to intensify this excitement and fun. As a result, it came to the fore with the announcement of launching Google Play Points in India.

So, what is that which is making this latest scheme so exciting? Why everyone is going bonkers over Google due to this announcement? Well, this latest scheme is meant to help users gain rewards and points for making use of this platform. To be more precise, if you make a purchase on Google Play, you will earn some points. You can purchase any subscription, application, game or even in-app item.

Things You Should Know about Rewards Program

The rewards programme has four levels in total. These levels include Silver, Bronze, Gold, and Platinum. You can gain different perks or prizes from all these based on whichever Tier you are in. The Tier that you will be in would be determined by exactly how many points you will collect. One important thing you must note us that these Play Points would be applicable in only in-app purchases done via Google Play Store.

All the play points that you earn could be redeemed for your Google Play Credit. Users can spend their earned points on the applications of their choice. Google hasrecently disclosed that it haspartnered with the world’s top companies offering hybrid mobile application development services to help the users redeem their play points for some exciting in-app items.

What’s More on the Radar…..?

TheRewards Programme is exciting! Trust us: you will be missing out on a lot of exciting things if you don’t give it a shot. Google Play is poised to expand this program to more and more local and globaldevelopers in the days to come.

With Google Play Points, the local app developers will get a whole new gateway to build global and local user bases. This will give them a new avenue to drive better engagements, discover more leads, and attract users all across global markets.

Last updated November 8th, 2022

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