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Flight Booking App Development: A Detailed Study

  • June 28th, 2022
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In the past, flight bookings used to be highly cumbersome when you had to physically go to the airport to book a ticket for your flight. Today, however, travel app developers have made people's lives substantially convenient with the introduction of flight booking apps.

With time the number of available flights around the world is steadily increasing, almost matching the speed of the travellers. Just around five years ago, if you wanted to book a flight, you needed to visit a website, but now, everything happens in the blink of an eye.

Suppose you are a business owner and wish to develop a flight booking app. In that case, this article will benefit you, as it will talk in detail about every critical aspect of creating a flight booking app.

Few Key Statistics About Flight Booking Apps

The use of applications has become so prevalent in the present time that almost everybody is aware of what it means. The travel industry has turned into one of the biggest industries in the world, which is why you must be informed about some of the latest statistics. So here goes:

  • In the travel industry, around 87% of the total revenue will be generated through online flight booking by 2026.
  • By the year 2026, the annual growth rate of flight booking revenue will boost up to around 26.67% every year, and the market volume will reach around a whopping 0.72 trillion.
  • By 2022, the travel industry is predicted to reach around 0.36 billion, and the flight segment will reach approximately 0.28 trillion.
  • According to multiple surveys, the total number of users is expected to reach around 1146 million by the year 2026.

How Behavioural Changes Have Affected Flight Bookings

Investing money in flight booking app development in 2022 is also beneficial because the behaviour of users has changed drastically over the last few years. Pertaining to the lockdown people went through due to the pandemic, people nowadays are booking more flight tickets than ever before. Let us look at other ways customer behaviour has affected ticket sales.

  • Solo Planning

In the past, people were used to booking tickets from one popular website or travel agent. Still, things have changed, as many apps are available today. As for the location, people prefer planning the entire trip all by themselves. They do their research about the location and do their planning accordingly.

For the same reason, flight booking apps have become more prevalent. People now can access business listing sites and search engines on their mobile phones. In the present time use of apps makes planning a trip easier for the users.

  • Extensive Research

Nowadays, people research deeply before planning a trip. According to a survey, people tend to book different options like hotels and flights from different apps and websites. Thus, to adequately cater to today's users, an app needs to offer enough information about a location, which would help a visitor turn into a customer.

  • Brand Preference

Unlike in the past, when people used to buy tickets from a known website, today they tend to look for discounts first, and whichever is the cheapest preferred. This behavioural change does affect the work of travel app developers and business owners all the same.

Apps need to have the feature of displaying flight tickets based on offers and discounts. Without the latest features that make the booking process more straightforward for the users.

Features that a Flight Booking App Must Have

Now, let us move toward the development section of the app and take an in-depth look at the features which should be incorporated within the app by an app development company to improve the experience of the users.

  • Customer Panel

An app needs to have a feature-rich seamless user panel so that as soon as the user opens the app, he is welcomed with a smooth user panel to interact with. It should also contain access points to all the other essential features.

  • Sign Up Section

Every user needs to have the option to sign up for the app and create individual profiles. There needs to be the option to enter personal details like email ID, name and contact number. Signing up will help users create a personalised profile from which they can check information about their flight.

  • Flight Search

This is an important feature, as users can enter details about their trip timing and location here. These details include departure date, return date, travel class, number of travellers and the travel location.

  • Multiple Payment Options

This feature is almost compulsory for a user booking a flight in 2022. With the world moving through the digital era, multiple options are available to make payments digitally. A modern flight booking app must have the option to pay in every digital payment mode.

  • Status Tracking

A user needs to be able to track the status of his booking through an app. Hence, as a business owner, you have to ensure that the app you are getting developed by a travel software development company has the feature that provides constant booking updates to the user.

  • Review Panel

A user may want to leave a review after using your app for the first time, so make sure you incorporate the feature within your flight booking app. Additionally, positive reviews are going to widen your customer base and provide a boost to the overall popularity of your brand.

The Travel Industry is Booming

Now is the right time to invest in a team of developers who will help you develop a robust flight booking app and cater to the constantly increasing demand of the users. People are frequently travelling, now more than ever. Developing an app will ensure you are not falling behind your competitors in the market.

The cost of developing a flight booking app can range from 35,000 dollars to 100,000 dollars, depending on the number of features you incorporate. Make sure you invest your money in the right place.

Last updated July 1st, 2022

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