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Make The Most Of Automation Testing With These Strategies

  • March 20th, 2020
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With the cursory concept of automation seeping into the soil of software testing, the popularity and significance of manual testing is fading away. Automated testing has become a rage all across the globe, thanks to its breakthrough advantages. The process that involves different software tools for running pre-scripted tests on the intended apps is known as automation testing. Since this process revolves around just a few set of scripts, it streamlines the testing procedure to a large extent.

As mentioned earlier, automation testing spells benefits galore. Some of the major boons of automated software testing include –

  • It’s less time consuming
  • Testing can be done several times
  • The tools involved in automation testing keep a tab on the new bugs, thereby remaining updated
  • Through re-running, automation in testing can enhance the test results

Unlike the manual one, the automated testing is programmed in uniquesoftware that can perform automated tests on several other softwares to minimize the efforts and time engaging the process.

Are you planning to opt for automation testing? Ensure that you are relying on the following strategies to reap the optimum benefits of automated softwaretesting. Have a look –

  • HireEfficient Testers –

The importance of having a dedicated testing team is paramount, if you want to make the most of automation testing. Manual testing is different from the automated one.  The latter oneis a heavy-duty responsibility in regards to the tools, time or efforts involved the process. To carry out this responsibility impeccably, it’s important to build a team of experts who have a thorough knowledge in automated testing. An ideal automation testing team should have the experienced automationarchitects and engineers.

  • Tools Aren’tEverything–

Although,integrating automation tools can ease out the process of automated testing, they should not be trusted blindly. The automation tools can never work without any external help. The testers are required to be aware of these tools to utilize their capacities to the fullest. While building a testing team, don’t forget to get the testers fully acquainted with the automation tools.

  • Make a Wise Selection –

There is no dearth of advanced testing tools in the market today. But, you cannot opt for any of those tools without knowing your resources inside out. While picking a tool, ensure that you check if it’s running well on the platforms your organization generally runs on. Also, check whether the automation tools are going in sync with the framework and resources the test apps are structured on. Besides keeping your expenses in check, this will ease out the testing process.

  • Don’t Discard Manual Testing –

No matter how advanced or beneficial automation testing might be, you cannot fully overlook the significance of manual testing. It is necessary whatsoever, and automation cannot replace it completely. One of the prime gaols of automated testing is to stop testing the same things repeatedly, so the testing professionals can save their effort and time. Without being able to save their time, the manual testers won’t be able to cope with the newer bugs or testing scenarios that can’t be handled by automation.

In a Nutshell :-

To let automation be fully rewarding and beneficial for testing process, you must follow the aforementioned strategies. In software testing, every bit – from resources to tools and people handing the task –matters a lot. To save time, money and effort, make sure to understand the potential and gaol of your brand.

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