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Software Testing Trends to Gain Popularity in 2020

  • March 19th, 2020
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Remember the days when qa software testing services used to be restricted to just checking the functionalities of an app? Well, that’s all history today! With technological advancement has taken the world by storm, the design mechanism and usages of software have evolved exponentially. With the advanced technologies continuing to improve testing codes, some exciting frontiers in software testing have begun seeing the light of day.

Followings are some popular trends that are expected to reshape the landscape of software testing in the year 2020. Have a look –

AI to Rule the Roost in Testing 

Discovered to mimic certain human behaviors i.e. decision making, visual perception, speech recognition, etc., Artificial Intelligence has started taking over the human intellect today. Software testing is expected to reap the maximum benefits of automation in the year 2020 and beyond.

Earlier, testing of software was done manually by the testing team of an organization. But, as more and more experts are moving to AI and ML, the testing process has become automated. The benefits of automated testing are galore compared to traditional manual testing.

The year 2019 had already seen numerous QA teams applying automation in predicting test quality, classifying faults, prioritizing testing cases, interacting with AUT, and the likes. AI is expected to be omnipresent in all aspects of software testing in 2020.

Automated Testing in Agile Teams

Test automation is not an unknown phenomenon in quality assurance. As per the recent surveys, the ratio of adopting automated testing will increase in the years to come. The importance of test automation is soaring as more companies are adopting advanced DevOps and Agile processes.

With the help of test automation, different tasks such as detecting bugs, offering feedback loops, ensuring test coverage, etc. would be easier than ever. Companies that incorporate test automation in their QA processes will save a lot of time, expense, and human assistance.

Big Data Is Making It Big

In today’s fast-paced and competition-driven world, implementing big data in software testing can have manifold benefits for a business. It is playing a crucial role in different business domains including retail, healthcare, technology, retail, and so on.

Backed by big data testing, different industries have successfully dealt with diverse data types and data volumes. With precise data validations, big data can streamline the process of decision-making and market strategizing as well. With a legion of business domains switching to data-driven testing, it is expected to gain momentum in 2020.

IoT Testing is Beneficial

Internet of Things IoT has proven to be a game-changer in software testing. It mainly aims to integrate every possible technology and device around us – laptops, televisions, watches, etc. All these smart devices would interact with each other to offer a seamless experience.

The integration of IoT devices can ensure trustworthiness, security assurance, data integrity evaluation, the versatility of programming items, device authenticity, etc. in software testing.

Given the varying spectrum of IoT devices, the qa software tester need to enhance their knowledge and skills across different IoT testing areas like security, usability, performance, connectivity, and the like.

In A Nutshell

The transformation in software testing consulting has entered another stage. In the year 2020, the advanced technologies are expected to open new doors to numerous other trends and some endless possibilities. This informative blog has been brought to you by WordSys Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. For more such interesting content, please check out their official website.

Last updated July 14th, 2022

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