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Step by Step Process of Developing a Telemedicine Application

  • August 12th, 2022
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The world is slowly coming out of its Covid slumber. Everything is opening up gradually, paving the way for a better and newer tomorrow, with precautions in place, of course. Needless to say, the Corona pandemic has hugely accelerated a massive digital evolution in healthcare at a lightning speed. Among a number of cutting-edge tech solutions being built and developed in the medical industry, telemedicine apps have started to gain momentum.

If some of the recent surveys and researches are to believe, the worldwide popularity and demand of telemedicine services have grown from 1000% to a whopping 4000% by the end of 2021! The telemedicine industry, which generated 40 billion dollars in the year 2020 is expected to make about 431billion US dollars in 2030! Clearly, galore reasons to invest in telemedicine app development!

However, before you go ahead and join the telemedicine bandwagon, you must get acquainted with every minute detail related to it. In the following excerpt, we have come up with some crucial details pertaining to telemedicine application, and the step-by-step process of developing it.

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Telemedicine App – What is It?

The concept of telemedicine is nothing brand-new! Thanks to the outrageous Covid outbreak and the subsequent pandemic, the healthcare industry worldwide was forced to adopt this edgy application to counter and conquer different issues. Wondering what is telemedicine app? What it does do?

Telemedicine – powered by robust technologies – is a remote medical service, which enables smooth and seamless communication between healthcare service providers and patients across the globe. In other words, telemedicine refers to the process of delivering healthcare solutions to patients on a remote basis.

Considering their wonderful benefits, most of top-notch healthcare organizations are hiring mobile app development services to develop telemedicine apps. Through this app, patients can easily discuss their health issues, symptoms, medical history, and medicines with doctors through a video chat or real-time patient portal. Based on the interaction, they will obtain accurate and 100% genuine information about treatment options, diagnosis, etc.

Perks of Using Telemedicine Application

There is a direct correlation between a cutting-edge telemedicine app and its numerous benefits. Just like healthcare experts, patients can also enjoy a lot of perks by using a telemedicine app.

Followings are some of the major perks of using an edgy telemedicine app built by a certified android developer or an iOS developer –

  • One of the key objectives of using a telemedicine app is to bring an increased convenience in the current healthcare industry. A telemedicine app can eliminate the requirement of patients to commute for any medical consultation. They can connect to the healthcare experts just through a digital channel.
  • Another major perk of using a telemedicine app is faster treatment. The edgy telemedicine applications can spell wonderful results in helping patients with minor health issues such as fever, cold, cough, etc. They can easily connect to doctors through their cell phones to get prescription in a breakneck time!
  • For those patients, who are looking for health specialists in any specific area, a telemedicine app could be of great benefits. Using this app, a patient can visit a doctor at any faraway location for getting treatment from any specialist.

Step-by-Step Process of Building a Telemedicine App

If you’re looking to hire an experienced iOS certified developer to build a telemedicine app, you should be aware of the step-by-step procedures of developing this app –

  • First Step

Document your requisites besides productizing your visions and conducting thorough research of your competitors and target audiences. Based on this information, create a detailed scope of the document, and list your product backlogs with a thorough description of the efficiency of your intended telemedicine app.

  • Second Step

The next step is to finalize a list of features you want your app to sport. Ensure that the feature list contains all the most basic features including registration, account management, search & filters, video conference & chat, payment, ratings, notification, doctor profile, appointment management, E-prescription, etc.

  • Third Step

Get a thorough estimation for your telemedicine app. Upon thoroughly finalizing your feature list, you should reach out to your developers and prep an in-depth estimate about your cost.

  • Fourth Step

Once you’re done hiring a team of app developers, you should start off with the development process. Get the mock-up and wireframe designs ready. Work on backend development and UX design. Ask the experts to keep you in loop all through their progress. Share your feedback and inputs to help them understand your opinions.

  • Fifth Step

Next step is testing! To ensure that your telemedicine application is working seamlessly across multiple devices, you should run a thorough testing.

  • Sixth Step

Once the application is ready, you should ask the experts to deploy the app on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. If the app is accepted, you should take a demo and check if it’s performing seamlessly.

  • Seventh Step

The last step is to launch the app. As the application is live on app store, ask for feedbacks and reviews from your target users, thus making the necessary improvements in your app.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and hire a team of mobile app developers to get your telemedicine app built.

Last updated August 16th, 2022

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