Facebook To Now Pay Its Users For Recording Their Voice

  • March 24th, 2020
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After earning enough money from its users, now it’s payback time for Facebook! On the 20th of February, Facebook announced that it is going to pay its users ready to give their voice recordings to Facebook in order to help them revamp its speech recognition technology.

This step is taken to clear the image after all big tech giants: Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook were accused of listening to user’s voice recordings without their consent in order to improve their speech recognition technology.

In order to get the user’s voice recordings, Facebook has launched a new program, popularly called “Pronunciations” inside its Viewpoint market research application. If you are eligible to participate in this program, you will be required to say the phrase “Hey Portal” following the first name of any of your Facebook friends. Each statement has to be recorded twice and you can do so taking the names of 10 people from your friend list.

You will be earning 200 points in the Viewpoint app for each recording. You need an at least of 1000points to cash out, which converts to $5 via PayPal transfer. That makes it to $1 for every recording. Every user gets the chance of meeting the 1000-point target and converting them into dollars as each of them will get the opportunity to record at least 5 sets.

Unfortunately, only U.S. Facebook users who are 18 years of age or above with a minimum of 75 friends in their friend list will be able to take part in this Pronunciation program. The program won’t be available to all users at a go as Facebook will be slowly rolling it out. If you are the lucky ones, you will get the pop up in your Viewpoints app itself.

Facebook claims the privacy of these recordings saying they will neither be shared on User’s FB profile nor outside the platform without permission.

Last updated June 23rd, 2022

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