Rising Focus On Quality Brings Fatal To Influencer Marketing

  • March 24th, 2020
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The emergence of new tools and marketing strategies has turned the game of influencer marketing upside down. To find the reason for the downfall of this rising influencer’s fetish, Vamp surveyed 124 marketers.

The results revealed that the reason for this massive change is neither the decrease in the number of likes nor limiting fake followers, it is the drastic shift in marketer’s preference.

Ultimately the marketers have realised quality content is the only key to success which they were compromising on, by following the influencers for more number of engagements. The survey found that 43% of the marketers focused on influencer’s content quality while approaching them for collaboration. They aren’t any more chasing big influencers with the largest number of followers and wasting their heaps ofmoney.

Marketers realise the value of reaching the target audience instead of the mass. They now opt for collaborating with influencers belonging to their sector with whom the followers can connect to.

Instagram Algorithm brings the change

The major role for this change is played by social algorithms which have started blocking irrelevant ads. The Instagram algorithm has always valued quality over quantity. It allows only that content to feature which is creative and attractive enough for the audience to engage with it.

The competition is too high and people have seen it all! So, you can’t expect to excel with a copied or an average post.

Investing in a valuable content creator increases the content engagements and the chances of it being re-used. The survey showed that around 84% of the marketers re-use the content of influencers for bringing followers to their page andsocial advertisements.

Micro-influencers: the new obsession

Micro-influencers have grabbed the market of big brand influencer names. Though small, but they provide relevant and more authentic opportunities for marketers. For new brands, of course, the number of followers and reach matters; but there are other ways to increase the numbers.

Instagram’s Branded Content tool: is the new way of boosting influencer’s post and reaching the audience. If influencers agree to link the brand with their account using the paid partnership tag, then the brand can boost that post even without following the influencer account. Marketers can reach the right people by sharing these posts with other social users of their sector.

The current obsession of the marketers is with micro-influencers whose priority is quality, creativity and relevance.

Last updated June 23rd, 2022

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