Technology Plays Again: Stepping Into Perks Of Copywriting

  • March 24th, 2020
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With consumer privacy making daily headlines, it has emerged a new challenge for the digital marketing industry. On one hand, personalized and relevant ads make an impact in the customer’s mind, whereas, on the other hand, they want to keep their data protected and non-accessible.

This opens up a battle between the marketing strategies of the brand and the data security of customers. Keeping the integrity of data protection in mind, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has already been launched.

This battle has made it mandatory to come up with some new and innovative technologies to survive in the digital marketing industry. Already innovations have entered the market. In this race of collecting more and more of relevant target data, the marketers have tended to leave behind the importance of copywriting.

Every year Chiefmartec comes up with a list of brands working in this martech closure, and this list goes increasing. Following the drip marketing campaigning strategy, the automation platforms itself send emails to the subscribers during each phase of the customer’s journey with the company. Machine learning algorithms finalise the time and place of uploading these digital ads on the respective ad channel.

“Right person, right ad, right time”- has been the slogan of Digital marketing Industry since ever. Following this slogan, the companies are all set with right message proforma at the right time to the right person but what they tend to miss is what the message should be?

The answer to this crucial questionis “Copywriting”. This is the only marketing tool which the advanced technology hasn’t put its hands on yet.  The only reason for this is copywriting involves human creativity, skills and planning. Doing a task which is so humanly in nature and requires innovation every time is both technically and philosophically difficult for Artificial Intelligence.

Till now copywriters have provided the market with some amazing ads, integrating their creativity, knowledge and skills but this can’t be relied in the long run. This fight for customer attention in the digital marketing arena has turned the copywriting world upside down. Time has changed and relying totally on copywriters’ discreet isn’t a wise decision. Once again the technological advancement and rising demand are going to cut the human requirement.

A new, modernized and technical approach is needed in the copywriting world to match-up with the relevant, data-based, and strategic goals of digital marketers.

Last updated June 23rd, 2022

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