AI To Out-Turn The Personalized Marketing Strategy In Future

  • March 24th, 2020
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AdriaanGouws, the director: client leadership of Middle East and Africa at Accelerations calls Artificial Intelligence to be the central element of personalized marketing in coming future. He further goes ahead saying that a detailed and clear understanding of consumer behaviour is the gig of effective personal marketing.

This gig holds true for both the B2C and B2B marketing strategies although the approach is different. Knowing relevant consumer insights like purchasing pattern, brand preference, culture and purchasing power AI can change the entire marketing arsenal. 

This is the golden era for marketers as immense amount of consumer insight is available for you to take your decisions. There can be no better time than this era to bang on with your marketing policy. The combination of data and technology brings on relevant interactions between B2B consumers possible.

Irrespective of the significant growth in the marketing segmentation, it wasn’t sufficient enough to provide a properly customized one on one individual brand experience. This calls for the need of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI integrates the human and technological marketing practices together. The real power of AI lies in the way it surfs through all the data collected and then makes predictions for the marketers, thereby creating a customized message for each customer.

The two tools Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are like the two hands of a marketer. They use them to rapidly process huge pile of data and to immediately interpret personalized consumer interactions. By following the data signals on human behaviour and surfing through the personal information provided by them, AI can automatically predict the taste and preferences of the person. Along with analysing consumer traits, AI also finds out consumer details like time and place.

Having access to such huge stack of data, AI enables the marketers in better decision making by giving access to relevant consumer insights at a large scale. Personalised approach, consumer segmentation and predictive analysis are three main weapons of AI.

  • Personalised approach – Using the data gathered on the basis of age, demography and interests AI will automatize the system of personal approach by sending the right content to the right person at the right time.
  • Consumer Segmentation –On the basis of insights received, AI will divide the consumers into proper segments making it effective for further course of action.
  • Predictive Analysis –Predicting and analysing consumer behaviour, AI helps brand increase sales by telling them which person can be converted. This eases the brand’s task and they can directly target the right flock of people.

Going by Google’s statistics, around 90% of marketers believe AI to have increased their profit and around 61% are of the view that a brand’s marketing strategy should be based on their own tendency.

AI’s demand will be rising with each passing year in the marketing world as the need for analysing and predicting consumer data is increasing at a rapid rate.

Last updated June 23rd, 2022

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