Transparency Cost On B2B Websites Terrifies B2B Buyers

  • March 24th, 2020
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Clutch, a leading B2B rating provider, in a survey found out that cost transparency of B2B software companies is the biggest priority of B2B buyers.

Before making a purchase with any Software/ Service Company’s website, 25% of buyers rate transparent cost information the most essential factor, 23% relies on testimonials and other 17% on immediate access to information.

In order to evaluate the performance of service and software companies, approx. 30% of B2B buyers rely on relevant content and online reviews from reliable websites. Few of them also perform an online comparison of service providers. Around 25% or more of them conduct thorough research for a better experience.

As per the report, the service and software companies should portray a strong relationship with each other via their online connections.

Eric Quanstrom, the CMO of a lead generation company Cience said the companies should make a mark to popularise their brand via review, ratings or any other form across all therelevant sites over the internet.

The survey revealed that around 94% of the buyers make their buying decisions on the basis of online reviews. Out of it, approx. 50% of them read a minimum of 6 reviews. Half of them believe in the authenticity of the review rather than its overall score or its recentness.

Greg Fung of HubSpot said, “There’s so much ‘noise’ on the internet that it’s challenging to find good, honest, reliable reviews about vendors. However, there are usually a few trusted review sites for most industries, and it’s well worth a vendor’s time, attention, and resources to show their best selves in those arenas.”

The survey was conducted on 451 employees whose job role was to assist their business house in selecting a software or service provider since the last 12 months.

Opting for third-party websites rather than the company’s own platform gives better, more genuine and authentic ratings and reviews.

Last updated June 23rd, 2022

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