Facebook Messenger For iOS Gets Much Smaller And Faster

  • March 24th, 2020
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After all the hustle on Facebook Messenger for iOS, Facebook has launched a new Messenger app. The new app has a lighter and more streamlined version of UI as compared to the previous one.

Focusing on project Lightspeed, Facebook has redesigned the entire app from scratch by cutting the app’s code lines by approx. 84%. It had cut the code data down from 1.7 million lines to just 3, 60,000 lines.

This brings the new app to be less than one-fourth in size of the original app and to run at double the speed. It is soon to be available on the App Store for all Apple users. 

Despite benefitting the developers by increasing their productivity, the UI framework demands for additional time. It is to be constantly updated and tested to match the pace of rapidly changing mobile interface. Facebook has redesigned the Messenger app using the UI framework already available on the device’s native operating system.

Facebook created a dynamic user interface view based on already existing templates in SQLite. Facebook engineers opted to build appropriate data for each feature dynamically. SQLite has a major role in handling concurrency and cache data without having to re-implement the features every time.

A few days back, the android users had received a new UI for Messenger app, but it’s not known yet yet whether they had also received this benefit of reduced size or not.

Last updated June 23rd, 2022

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