Google Authenticator Is Also Not Safe: Vulnerable To Trojans

  • March 24th, 2020
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In addition to the one-time password (OTP) verification system, Google Authenticator provides an extra security measure every time the user logs in to Gmail, YouTube, Facebook or any other platforms. But, ThreatFabric, a security firm states that this two-factor authenticator (2FA) itself is not 100% secure.

As per “2020- Year of the RAT” (Remote Access Trojans) report, these RATs are to be used extensively by cybercriminals to gain remote access to one’s system.

The report says that Cerberus, an android-banking virus can steal the Google generated OTP when used together with these RATs. Once the device is attacked, the RAT can download files from it and also has the potential to launch TeamViewer on the infected device and have complete access to it.

On gaining remote access of the device, these cybercriminals have accessibility to all apps and data on the system along with the 2FA codes. The report says that the Trojan passes through this extra security measure of Google and accesses the content and transfers it to the C2 server.

It is an authentication app that can be connected to Google as well as multiple other services. By connecting this app on supported platforms, user is asked to enter a 2FA code along with the password to log in. Being similar to a one-time password, 2FA codes fall in the range of six to eight digits. Users also have the option of using text authentication or back-up codes in case they do not have access to Google Authenticator.

Last updated June 23rd, 2022

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