Android App Development Mistakes Causing Your Failure

  • March 24th, 2020
  • BY Antra
  • Development

Mistakes are the inevitable costs of Android app development. Every developer tends to make these mistakes from coding errors to failure in using optimal libraries to complex UI, which in turn affects the functionality of the app.

Analysing the importance of business apps to sustain in the long-run, development mistakes brings a fatal blow to the business. This increases the demand for skilled and proficient app developers having a deep understanding of the usefulness of each feature/tool.

Trying to develop the app by themselves the users tend to ignore the responsive view of the app and end up using an attractive interface instead of a user-friendly UI. Incorporating different toolbars, action buttons, Palettes and RecyclerView in the UI is essential for ease of use. Complex codes, non-static inner class, irregular bandwidth optimization, poor memory management and failure to use Bitmap class are a few other inclined mistakes.

Failure to incorporate libraries like Picasso, Gson, and Volley deters the user from using the app properly. It complicates the process of uploading/downloading images, JSON Parsing, and Network Accessibility. Not comprehending the correct SDKs at the required API level also adds on the complication.

These flaws in development make the app non-compatible do all devices and affect its efficiency, performance and usage, thereby hindering the app from functioning the desired way.

To sustain in this competitive business world, the user needs a proficient App developer who would refrain from making such mistakes and pulling their sales down.

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