AR Tech “Seek” To Provide Seamless E-Commerce Experience

  • March 24th, 2020
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Since 2019, the concept of AR (Augmented Reality) started gaining mainstream in the IT industry. To cope with the rising expectations of the consumers, the e-commerce players got to adopt this new technology to sustain competition.

Around 500+ companies have started using this AR technology which includes big brands like Walmart, Overstock and Nestle. This new AR tech is based on a cross-platform AR solution, popularly known as “Seek”.

The company is to soon release Seek Studio 2.0, a more advanced and updated version of Seek. This improved AR platform allows deployment of augmented reality in all sectors- e-commerce, advertising, marketing and many more.

Having already dominating multiple industries from entertainment to gaming to defence to construction, AR is to finally touch the e-commerce industry. AR in e-commerce will prove out to be the mainstream sector of augmented reality giving the most delightful experience to online shoppers.

SeekView, the flagship product of the company, provides the user with a smooth and engaging AR experience, by showcasing the 3D view of the product.

Increased sales and lead conversions are the main advantages of this new AR tech for the retail and e-commerce industry. The company has also released the Android and iOS SDKs for retailers to have a seamless AR experience on all platforms.

This Seek Studio 2.0 brings to the retailers one central place for managing all their 3D and AR tasks. This AR platform allows brands to upload, modify and bring the 3D models to use in seconds without having any add-on 3D knowledge.

The company’s target is to ease the process of augmented reality “create, publish, share” with Sleek Studio 2.0.

Last updated June 23rd, 2022

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